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Spiritual Life Coaching

In your Spiritual Life Coaching session, you will have the opportunity to work on your spiritual practice. 

  • Would you like to perfect meditation or prayer in your personal spiritual practice?

  • Are you looking to enhance your connection to your Higher Power, your Soul Purpose or identify your current position on your Spiritual Journey?

  • Are you transitioning in regard to religious systems, gender, career or the passing of a loved one? 

  • Are you looking for more in mindfulness and intentional living?

These are all good places to start in Spiritual Life Coaching. You are welcome to choose the length of your session. I will keep your notes and be ready for the next session when you are ready to book again.

30 minute

Spiritual Coaching 


60 minute

Spiritual Coaching $90

120 minute

Spiritual Coaching $120

Psychic Reading

In your Psychic Reading session, you will have the opportunity to hear from your Spirit Guides or Loved Ones. I begin each session with a tarot reading and allow the guides and loved ones to share messages with you.

  • Do you feel like you need a good look at your situation?

  • Do you have questions and you're not sure who can answer them?

  • Do you miss your loved ones on the other side and want to see what they have to say? 

  • Do you need a different perspective?

Let's get in touch with your Spirit Guides. I cannot guarantee who will come through for you, but everyone has someone.

30 minute

Psychic Reading $50

60 minute

Psychic Reading


Reiki & Intuitive Healing

During an Intuitive Healing Session, you will have the opportunity to choose relaxation and healing for your self. You will be guided through a relaxing meditation to find relaxation then we at Insight will invite the healing energy of the Universal Life Source. This energy will be intentionally guided throughout your entire system to assist in healing physically, mentally and emotionally.

Your participation in this healing process can assist your medical and mental health professionals in helping you to reach your health goals. As we choose relaxation and allow our bodies to restore naturally with healthy intentions in mind, we greatly enhance our ability to heal. That, combined with energy healing provides the possibility enhanced medical and mental health results and deepening the spiritual practice. This practice is not intended to replace any professional medical or mental health advice and is to be used as an aid to those professions.

30 minute

Intuitive Healing


60 minute

Intuitive Healing


120 minute

Intuitive Healing


Empath Toolkit

The Empath Toolkit is part of the Spiritual Life Coaching service, however, in this program, there are four specific sessions. these sessions will assist you in  fortifying your boundaries while enriching your connections with others. You will learn and practice techniques and receive healing energy throughout all four one-hour sessions.  

Session 1- Introduction:  We’ll be getting to know you. We will go over questions relating to empathic skills and abilities and discuss your experiences. Then we will calm your mind, body, spirit with a distance healing to prepare you to learn the first technique. 

Session 2 – Recognition:  We will work on recognizing feelings we get in the presence of others and determining whether they belong to us or belong to others. This is an important and sometimes ignored part of being an empath. This determination will likely provide a great deal of freedom in your emotional state. We will then practice techniques.

Session 3 – Compassion:  Our discussion this week will be about compassion fatigue and how empaths can avoid it. Then we will practice techniques learned so far and add another couple of techniques to the toolkit.  We will introduce the new techniques with a guided meditation. 

Session 4 – Self-Care:  In this last Empath Toolkit session, we will discuss how the tools have been working for you. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions you have. One of the most important reasons for the Empath Toolkit’s existence is the effect it has on self-care. We will discuss your self-care intentions for the future. Then I will send you on your way with an intentional healing session focused on emotional strength. 

This is a basic overview and sessions may vary per indivdual experience. 

Empath Toolkit


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"Tiffany has been my spiritual coach for a couple years now, and her guidance has helped me open myself to life experiences and opportunities I never would have considered. Her readings have, in a sense, forced me to reflect on what influences are communicating and how that interacts with the root of my being. If you are expecting her to give you answers, you will leave disappointed. If you are hoping to gain perspective and understanding of what you may not be willing to consider, Tiffany is the person to reach for guidance."

— Teddy, Portland, OR USA

Image by Luca Bravo

"Tiffany from Insight Spirituals has a peaceful loving energy that allows you to express yourself in a way that elicits incredible insight from spiritual guides. She is also a safe and knowledgeable coach to work with on all your metaphysical needs. She is wise and committed to your experience."

— Crystal, Ellensburg, WA USA

"I am honored to walk with you along this part of your journey."


Insight with Tiffany Metzger


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