Peace Begins with Gratitude

I was asked today about how we give gifts to the Earth. The Earth seems to be suffering so much right now and someone kind wished to help. He asked what it was called to give a gift to the Earth. Was it a sacrifice and did she need blood as a gift to calm her. The Earth is Goddess energy and does not require help, but gratitude. Gratitude for all the blessings she make possible for us through connectedness with Source/God/Great Spirit or however you know this Universal presence. I offered this metaphor:

Imagine allowing a small spider to live atop your head. She doesn't bother you and has a nice warm nest above your ear. It's nice to know that she is comfortable while creating comfort for you. Soon she has children and they create more nice warm nests around your head. You feel the warmth of their homes physically on your head and the warmth of their community in your heart.

Then they begin to fight with one another. This causes irritation on your scalp and you wish for it to end. You ask them to stop with your voice (thunder) and they calm down, going back to their homes for a bit and their sense of community, as they make sure all are safe, warms your heart once again. When you heal from that they fight again and before you know it, you scratch (tornado) and they all come together once again rebuilding the damage and their sense of community. Then one day they fight for so long and cause balding in places and rashes in others with their scuffling. No matter what you do to get their attention, they do not stop. You feel pain all the time. You feel their presence and you never stop caring about them. You need to save yourself. Do you remove them? You need their peace so that you can live in harmony once again.

This is where we are.

The Earth needs our peace and peace begins with gratitude. What are we grateful for? Well, take a look around all the life nourishing aspects of the Earth and do a little something everyday with the health of the Earth in mind. Say a prayer of gratitude. Do some recycling. When it's time to replace plastic daily use objects like toothbrushes or straws, go for the sustainable option. Use less plastic. If we all get in the habit of not using so much plastic then eventually, less plastic items will be made. Plant trees, flowers and vegetables. This will increase the oxygen in the air and can give you food that doesn't need to be picked up from the grocery store. Doing any one of these things as you are able helps a little. If we all help a little then the Earth will have a better time healing. And we heal with her.