Full moon update March 9th, 2020

The full moon in March 2020 will bring with it a sense of purpose. It is the first of several super moons beginning a phase of great energy. The first of these will greet us in the sign of Virgo. This is an earth sign and therefore down to earth which brings an analytical energy.

Work will be of great focus. During this time, use your efforts at work to get caught up and unleash new projects. Be mindful of over focusing on the job though. This energy may pull us away from other aspects of life. If work is the focus, but our loved ones still need us, then add service to others into the mix. This won’t be difficult as the sun will be in Pisces. A water sign full of love and affection.

The theme of full moon rituals is release. This can be done with a meditation, a bath, a ritual or all of these. The key is to release all that no longer serves you.

Here are some helpful activities for the full moon:

Light a candle.

Clean your space.

Wash your body.

Make a list of all the things you need to release.

Burn the list.

Sit down and let yourself relax.


Keep an eye on our page for more in-depth moon rituals in the future.