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Welcome to Insight Spiritual Healing!

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Upcoming Events

  • Tue, Mar 16
    We've spent a lot of time on Self Care this last year. I invite you to take some time to connect with your Sacred Self. This is your higher being, your soul self. Allow me take you on a journey to get to know your core self.
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Appointments Available

Spiritual Life Coaching

Psychic Readings

Intuitive Healing Sessions


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The Show

Every week, we talk about topics that bring healing to world issues.

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"Tiffany has been my spiritual coach for a couple years now, and her guidance has helped me open myself to life experiences and opportunities I never would have considered. Her readings have, in a sense, forced me to reflect on what influences are communicating and how that interacts with the root of my being. If you are expecting her to give you answers, you will leave disappointed. If you are hoping to gain perspective and understanding of what you may not be willing to consider, Tiffany is the person to reach for guidance."

— Teddy, Portland, OR USA

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“Tiffany from Insight Spirituals has a peaceful loving energy that allows you to express yourself in a way that elicits incredible insight from spiritual guides. She is also a safe and knowledgeable coach to work with on all your metaphysical needs. She is wise and committed to your experience.”

— Crystal, Ellensburg, WA USA

"I am honored to walk with you along this part of your journey."


Insight with Tiffany Metzger

Mail: Insightbytiffany@gmail.com

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